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ECW on TNN Guide 1 - 10

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Results from 1 - 10 of the program on

            The Nashville Network


                              ECW on TNN Program Guide

1. August 26, 1999

Debut Show...Showed Rob Van Dam vs.Jerry Lynn for the ECW World Television Title from Hardcore Heaven....
Showed the history of ECW and it's wrestlers.

2. September 3, 1999

Dudley Boyz over Spike Dudley + Balls Mahoney to win the World Tag-Team Titles.....Raven and Tommy Dreamer then beat the Dudley Boyz to win the World Tag-Team Titles.

3. September 10, 1999

Super Crazy pinned Rhino...Masato Tanaka pinned Mike Awesome...
       Jerry Lynn beat TV Champion Rob Van Dam by DQ.

4. September 17, 1999

Spike Dudley pinned PN Newz...Super Crazy pinned Yoshihiro Tajiri...
World Television Champion Rob Van Dam and Lance Storm fought to a No Contest...World Televison Champion Rob Van Dam pinned Jerry Lynn.

5. September 24, 1999

Super Crazy defeated Little Guido...Spike Dudley defeated Big Sal E. Graziano...Clips of Anarchy Rulz were shown.

6. October 1, 1999

World Champion Mike Awesome pinned Rhino...Spike Dudley defeated Little Guido and Sal E. Graziano...From Anarchy Rulz: Danny Doring + Amish Roadkill defeated CW Anderson and Bill Whiles...Yoshihiro Tajiri pinned Tommy Dreamer.

7. October 8, 1999

Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Little Guido and Super Crazy in a three way match...Comments from Tammy Lynn Sytch.

8. October 15, 1999

Tom Marquez and David Cash fought to a No Contest...Tommy Dreamer pinned Steve Corino...Lance Storm pinned Chris Candido...World Champion Mike Awesome  defeated ?

9. October 29, 1999

Sabu pinned Taz...Lance Storm pinned Tommy Dreamer...
Da Baldies fought to a No Contest with Super Nova + David Cash.

10. November 12, 1999

Jerry Lynn pinned Steve Corino...Yoshiro Tajiri pinned Super Crazy...
   The Sandman and Rhino fought to a No Contest.


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